Seamless Integration

The lofty goal of seamlessly integrating collecting data from the field and getting it to the office is often an unattained goal. TCW’s production software addresses these specific needs with the flexibility of its products and the many different ways that it can be used and configured.

Every company has a different set of conditions that require different configurations of the software. Our solution is to work closely with each client and figure out how best to operate within their environment. For example, some areas might not have a decent internet connection so there is a need to have the data resident on a local computer. Other areas have good access to the internet and a Cloud base solution is practical.

Either way, we strive to have a smooth transition of data from field to office and expect field personnel to be more than just data collectors and be managers of the producing assets that they are monitoring.

This easy flow of production information gives the office technical staff the data they need, while easing the task of gathering and transferring basic production data.