Bank Borrowing Analysis and Reporting

The support at TCW is always responsive to assisting on the many features available through out the program, but more importantly is always ready to create important reports to facilitate the financial analysis of projects. Examples of reports unique to this software would be as follows:

Economic Recap Report:

Since the inception of our relationship TCW worked extensively to enhance the utilization of this very powerful report.  This report is the ideal “dashboard” report for the user, management, financial instituions or investors.  With the ability to summarize the data with across a multitude of  economic measurements as well as  error trapping data input it serves to audit the assumptions and summarize the results.  The sorting and subtotaling capabilities are virtually unlimited in the presentation of data and outcomes. Competitive packages take pages of data to summarize what this report can do with just a few. We have used this many times in presentations to interested parties.

Bank Borrowing Base:

This was a custom report that TCW worked closely with our company to produce and is extremely versatile for producing information even beyond the title of the report. To quote a representative of one of the top two competitive software packages that sell for a much higher price “we get this request all the time”.  I have not seen another vendor that can produce a report that looks to the future and computes what your bank borrowing base will be calculated to be.  The oil and gas industry depends on “revolver” credit lines that are computed based on the present value of your reserves and the banks advance percentages. These calculations serve to compute the periodic debt service requirements.  TCW has been able to write sophisticated logic that moves this computation forward allows different discount rates, advance percentages and well counts for up to 360 months. Visiting with another close associate using a competitive product the indication was their engineers spends days trying to calculate what TCW can do in seconds.

This report is additionally a powerful tool for financial pro-forma’s allowing the using to compute the future value of reserves, the change in reserves and the borrowing capacity.  Unique to this report is that it can be run on a development program as it determines what wells are indicated to be producing at each computation date and limits the calculations to these well.  It is easy to write models showing increasing values as the development of a new project progresses.  I am not aware of any other software that can do this and it is next to impossible to do this with Excel.

Because the founders of TCW are well versed at both financial analysis and production monitoring and engineering computations Prod-eval stands out as a truly unique software that serves the needs of multiple disciplines at the most competitive price in the industry.

- James Carl ex-CFO Miller Energy