About TCW Software

Texas Computer Works, Inc., has developed software tools that give you, the independent producer, low cost, easy-to-use management solutions for your production data needs.

Our products can be integrated as a total system solution or installed individually. The systems are effectively used on local area networks, standalone computers, laptops, and portables.

We offer complete training, support, and ongoing software maintenance. Since every company is unique in its data collection requirements, we work with the company to adapt our systems to handle their specific needs.

The Production Evaluation software combines a production management tool that captures and analyzes production data with an economics module to perform a variety of cash flow analysis. The program is designed to import production data through TCW’s own data collection system (GRT), direct entry, SCADA, public data sources, or company-specific data sources. Once captured, data can be exported to most leading oil and gas accounting systems or other engineering programs; plus, it can be used to forecast future production rates and reserve life.

The main component of the Production Evaluation system is the database itself. We utilize the Microsoft Access” jet engine” for storing monthly and daily well test, and economic parameters of individual wells.

ProdEval Source and Use of Production Information:

  • TCW’s Gauge Sheet and Run Ticket System
  • Commercial production databases
  • Directly from state agencies, such as the State of New Mexico
  • Directly from automatic meters such as ABB Total Flow
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Direct entry through a series of data input screens

Potential Uses of the Information:

  • Monitoring daily well performance by well, by group, or by exception
  • Analyzing monthly production data graphically, or through the many preformatted reports
  • Forecasting future production through curve fitting techniques or directly, by using decline parameters
  • Forecasting gas wells with the using P/Z techniques
  • Using the projected production in the vigorous economic module that is an integral part of the database

Typical Users of TCW Systems:

  • Contract pumpers and gaugers use TCW’s Classic GRT system
  • Production and reservoir engineers use the ProdEval System
  • Operating companies use a combination of products including the ProdEval System
  • Financing institutions use the property evaluation portion of the ProdEval system